Machine Vision Systems

We have experience in different applications that involved Machine Vision Systems and functional Test & Measurement Systems.

The following are some examples of Machine Vision applications applied on the Automotive and Manufacturing Industry:

Solder Inspection

This system verifies the quality and solder insufficiency on the pads, the system also uses motion control to move the main fixture with the Unit Under Test to different test positions.

Led´s color inspection

The vision system detects the presence and color verification of led´s, the system have to measure the current (amperes) supplied to the electronic board, the computer uses GPIB for communication to set-up the power supply and for obtaining the current measurement.

PCB Inspection

The vision system verifies the presence of capacitors, finding the capacitors and components by shape and color, these small capacitors are 0.8mm x 1.5 mm, the system uses motion control to move the main fixture with the Unit Under Test in (x,y) axes, testing different components on the PCB.

Assembly Verification

This system verifies the presence and correct placement for polarized capacitors on the board.

OCR: Optical Character Recognition

The vision system reads the messages on the display and compare with the messages expected to receive, the PC power up the unit and sends commands via J1850 to the unit, it also detects if some dots on the dots matrix display are not working correctly, because possible short circuits or solder bridges.

Inspection of Liquid Crystal Display

After the computer power on the unit under test, it sends a sequence of commands via CAN to the electronic board, the vision system reads the number shown in the LCD and the system verifies that this number correspond to the number expected to receive.

Defect Inspection

The vision system verifies missing keys, correct placement and printing quality for each one of the keys on the telephone.
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