Mechanical Engineering

The mechanical design & Engineering team is a very important part of the success of our systems, providing talent and experience from the concept generation, 3-D computer modeling, design and implementation, from small mechanisms subsystems to high complex systems. We have skilled technical personnel and the equipment, machining and tooling for rapid prototyping and fabrication of our systems.

Our software skills include several languages and test executives:


  • Solid Modeling
  • Autocad Mechanical Desktop
  • Operator Interface Assemblies & Sheet Metal Enclosures
  • Production Engineering & Documentation
  • Machine / Equipment Design
  • Pneumatic Systems Design


  • Panel Layout and Assembly
  • Machine Layout & Assembly
  • Custom Paint Coating
  • Machine / Equipment Wiring
  • Wiring equipments racks
  • Custom test fixtures
  • Custom cables & connectors


  • Material Handling
  • Small Mechanisms
  • Fixtures
  • Pallets
  • Frames and enclosures
  • Motion Control

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